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March 2023

In the year 2020, at 22 years-of-age, I finished production of a bilingual feature film titled Vaidehi. Writing and directing the movie has been a meditative experience as it helped me delve deeper into my personal spiritual beliefs and practices. The movie is an experimental independent film about feminist issues. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, it took me three more years to wrap up the post production and get the movie certified by CBFC. The movie was cleared for display on 13th March 2023 with zero cuts and a "U" certification. Vaidehi was premiered at SSR Balaka Cinema, Agartala on November 26th, 2023. The event was graced by Su. Pratima Bhoumik, Hon'ble Union Minister of State, Government of India. It was received well by critics and the media.

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